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iTeleCenter Reports Holiday Shoppers Taking Advantage of Additional Savings Offered by Calling Toll Free Numbers

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and while many consumers are looking for bargains in stores, even more are scouring the web for those incredible cyber-deals. Although most purchases can be made online, many shoppers still like to place a call and speak directly to someone when placing an order. As in the past few years, shoppers are trying to cut costs in every way they can. In addition to offering price cuts on goods, companies that allow customers to call toll free numbers to place orders are benefitting even more.

While discounts abound in the form of coupons, 2-for-1 deals, bonus items and more, the average consumer is still looking for more cost savings – anywhere they can be found. iTeleCenter sees that even the small difference between a toll free call and one that incurs long distance charges is being considered.

Many business owners are not aware that the lack of a toll free number for placing orders or consumer questions can mean the difference between getting that sale or having it go to a competitor. Times are lean and any small savings a shopper sees goes a long way to getting their business.

Toll free numbers continue to instill confidence along with giving any small or home-based business an added image boost. It helps them compete with the big-boys. And while many shoppers are trying to support mom and pop shops in favor of larger big-box stores, they still tend to gravitate toward whatever saves them money. The big stores have toll free numbers so small companies need them too in order to remain competitive. A long distance phone charge is one less thing consumers want to deal with.

While long distance charges may seem trivial, many consumers are truly struggling this holiday season. They may be trying to wring out enough cash to purchase that new set of school supplies their child really needs or the latest and greatest video game that their child really wants. In this scenario, every cent counts, and knowing that there is no charge when they call your business using toll free numbers goes a long way – they may even see it as a holiday gift.

Consumers will still need to make purchases after the holiday season ends. Businesses that offer the cost savings shoppers need now will most likely turn a bargain-hunting seasonal shopper into a long term customer.

About iTeleCenter
iTeleCenter was founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Paul Champaneria who wanted to build a company that catered to the needs of virtual companies, direct salespeople, affiliate marketers, real estate professionals, and all forms of home-based or small businesses. iTeleCenter is a virtual phone system that provides individuals with the ability to utilize toll free phone numbers, locally based numbers, or vanity numbers, with call forwarding and voicemail that make professional life a little easier. With the best in customer care and service, along with the latest and most innovative features, it’s a must have for professionals who want to compete on a regional or national level, whether it’s a one-man operation or a million-dollar corporation.

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